Welcome to the page about the D.S.S.V. Tartaros board.

We are:

fltr Corinne, Elwin, Martijn, Arjen, Thiemo

Chairman: Martijn Eppink

I’m a member of Tartaros for almost four years. During this time I started joining (license) competitions and got even more enthousiastic aboutTartaros and Survivalrun. Within several committees I already got to be engaged in both the sporty and the sociable aspects that are caracteristic to Tartaros. As chairman I stand for these aspects together with my fellow boardmembers, but mostly for retaining and enacting them with the whole association.

Secretary: Elwin Vree
My name is Elwin Vree, secretary of D.S.S.V. Tartaros, and i would love to tell a bit more about me.
I’m 19 years old, second-year mechanical engineering student and live in a student residence in the
city. I have been a member for about a year now and I’m still loving it. Before survival I’ve never tried
any other sports. Surely I have been active at the local scouting association in my native residence
Voorst. I like survivalrun. It gives me a good feeling when I discover sorts of new muscles in my body
because of the muscle ache.
Besides Tartaros I love to restore old machines. All of my savings are going to my own piece of technique from the ‘60’c: a tractor. Little bit cliché cause I’m an mechanical engineer but I can’t help it. This preference for technique probably made me go study mechanical engineering. I can build many things with my hands, but I never really get creativity. In addition, I’m always in for a beer, especially when combined with a good piece of meat from the barbecue. Note here: I’m truly a real Tartariër meaning green is my color! This is both in beer, in sports as in background. This color has been taught me from an early age, cause both of my parents are gardener. So I should’ve gathered some knowledge of plants. Also one of my hobbies is backpacking, unfortunately I didn’t have much time to do so last year, but I definitely want to get back on this.

Treasurer: Arjen Welleweerd

Heyo, I’m Arjen. Bachelorsstudent Technical Medicine and treasurer of Tartaros. Around these two pillars in my life I primarily keep myself busy with music. I like to visit concerts and try to do so at least a couple of times a year, and the past years I’ve been a Lowlands festival regular. While there I’ve always been the person in my group to be the most responsible with their money, which testifies of my epic financial insight.

Even though based on my background in technical medicine you might expect so, I cannot heal a broken bone on the spot. Based on this I would like to advice against any plans to dive off any beams on the track.

My parents live in Hardenberg, where I was a member of Vechtdal Survival for a year or so before moving to Enschede.

Other hobbies of mine: Motorcycling is radical, Cooking is pretty sweet and eating might just be even more so. I also like other things that I haven’t really got time for like reading.

Commissioner track and materials: Thiemo de Groof

I am Thiemo, finishing my study in forensic science and a big fan of telling stories. This seemed to be the perfect combination to become your Chief of Materials, which requires me to keep track of who gets what new materials and to get new things on the track you will have to spin some crazy stories during meetings. I live on the campus grounds, so most of the time I will be near when things need to be build or repaired. When not training (or having fun) with Tartaros I like to read just about anything from books to comics to the back of milk cartons during breakfast. In the weekends I try spending time at home where I give guidance to a group of cub scouts. And occasionally I like to hop on board of our sailing boat.

Commissioner of internal affairs: Corinne van den Brink

Hi hi! My name is Corinne van den Brink, I am the Commisioner for Internal Affairs of D.S.S.V. Tartaros and I would like to introduce myself. I’m 19 years old, although some people think I’m 23 but less is true. I’m, despite rumours about a spanish background, just from Dutch soil. I come from a village called Aalten and no there is even less to experience than you already suspect. Which is part of the reasons to move to this lovely city Enschede. I study chemical engineering at Saxion, and I’m a member at Tartaros for about one and a half year now. Before survival I’ve done gymnastics, however I heard that at Tartaros they are doing happy jacks, which I definitely could’nt miss, so I made that switch pretty quickly. Within Tartaros I’ve done a few committees, before I was a board member. So I was fanatic in organizing the club championships and you could have heard about all the awesome TradiCie activities I help organize. I also seem to have a lot of hobbies. For example, I would have been a Dutch champion volleyball player, and I also seem to be able to throw high eyes with canoeing. However I have to disappoint you. I’ve never done anything in that direction. I have been playing the guitar for years now, I can now play a nice tune (which is code for any song you can come up with, so give me a guitar and I play anything you’d like)

-“Hakuna Matartaros”-

8th board (2016-2017)

Name function
Kas Attevelt Chairman
Anna Kaal Secretary
Marije Siemann Treasurer
Anouck Wisselink Commissioner of internal affairs

6th Board (2014-2015)

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Name function
Riemke Drent Chairman
Reinier Nielen Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer
Diederik van der Valk Commissioner of Course and Material

4th Board (2012-2013)

Name function
Jeroen van Beek Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Jasper van der Heijdt Treasurer
Sebastian Schiller Commissioner of Course and Material

2nd Board (2010-2011)

Name function
Ralph Voortman Chairman
Kjell Meershoek Secretary since februari
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary until februari
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer
Wouter Beeks Commissioner of Course and Material

7th Board (2015-2016)

Name function
Arnaud Loman Chairman (07/05/2015 – 24/10/2015)
Bas Keet Secretary
Eelkje Kooistra Treasurer
Cisko Loos Commissioner of Course and Material
Jelle Buitenhuis Commissioner of internal affairs (Until 24/10/2015)
Jelle Buitenhuis Chairman (Vanaf 24/10/2015)

5th Board (2013-2014)

Name function
Jasper van der Heijdt Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer

3rd Board (2011-2012)

3e bestuur

Name function
Jelle Dijkstra Chairman
Karel Drenth Secretary
Matthijs Tijink Treasurer
Jan Greuter Commissioner of Course and Material

1st Board (2009-2010)

Name function
Berend Bekker Chairman
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer